Ys corporation Real estate sales

Ys corporation Real estate sales



Services offered

Intermediary services, real estate sales

We at Ys Corporation view real estate from an expert's perspective and create proposals tailored to the desires of each individual client so that they can achieve a rich and happy life.

We use a nationwide real-estate information network to respond to a wide variety of client requests.
At Ys Corporation, our first priority is to achieve a deep understanding of our clients' needs. To that end, we believe that it's important to see things from our clients' perspectives and then make proposals and conduct our business responsibly and in good faith.
We can also respond to a full spectrum of life needs?real estate purchases, relocations, intermediary services for the purchase of replacement properties, and the purchase of business properties?through our national information network.

  • Listing agreements 
    Listing agreements 
  • Property introductions
    Property introductions
  • Proposals
  • Sales
  • Contracts
  • Account settlement
    Account settlement
  • Ownership transfers
    Ownership transfers

Listing agreements

We introduce sellers to potential buyers of their valuable real-estate assets.
We take custody from the seller of necessary documents such as intermediary contracts or lease agreements beforehand. Our company exercises strict control over personal information while these documents are in our hands.

Property introductions

At their request, we introduce contracted clients to properties. We offer smooth and low-cost support from introduction to purchase.
We aim for a successful close of contract and introduce clients to reliable properties.


We take careful note of the buyer's and seller's needs and terms to make sound proposals.


If you consent to the terms of sale, we will begin the process of arranging a deal.
We will explain the documents necessary for the contract, the terms of sale, and all other details.
If you prefer, we can even act as your intermediary regarding the sales price and other concerns.


We can manage for you all the details of the contract, from review and validation of the contract of sale and other necessary documents to signatures and exchange of buying & selling costs.
Our firm's agents offer rock-solid support to buyers & sellers.

Account settlement

If all the documents are in order, we can conduct the exchange of the purchase price and title.
Administrative costs and real estate taxes are calculated on a per-diem basis.
We will make arrangements for the day of account settlement, and as soon as all the documents are in order, the purchase price and title will be exchanged.
Per-diem administrative costs, real estate taxes, etc. will be calculated at the same time.

Ownership transfers

Finally, we offer complete transfers of property rights.
Should a problem arise such as loss of the title or cancellation documents, we will offer prompt support.


Company overview

Principles of business

The business environment surrounding our corporation has changed greatly in recent years. Even in a global environment and global society, numerous issues have arisen that demand a society-wide response.
To achieve continued growth and development in the future, it is essential that our corporation act responsibly and come to grips with these problems as well.
At Ys Corporation, we have made it our mission to innovate and create new value. We hope to use these goals to help resolve these societal issues and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.
It is also essential to expand our activities conducted in pursuit of that goal along our entire value chain?not only in regards to our own company, but with our affiliated businesses and corporate partners. At Ys Corporation, together with all of our stakeholders, our goal is to achieve both the growth of our business and that of a rich, sustainable society.
Each and every one of our employees takes these ideals to heart and, by using their imaginations, creates brand-new technological innovations and business models that treat economy, society, and the environment as part of the same axis.

Message from our CEO

How we think about real estate is also changing with the times. Until now, the prevailing mindset has been: "Real estate is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase; when you're buying real estate, you're buying a home." In recent years, however, the idea that asset building through real estate can be the springboard to a richer life has become widespread.
Against this backdrop, Ys Corporation was founded on the principles of: focusing on the value of real estate in these changing times; creating the optimum bond with real estate that can enrich our clients' lives; and looking at the situation from our clients' perspectives to make the very best proposals for the individual client.
As our clients' lifetime partners in real estate, we want to use the relationship our clients have with their properties to help our them to enjoy a lifetime of happiness and realize their future dreams. That is our goal at Ys Corporation and the very reason our business was founded.

Company profile

  • Company name
    Ys corporation inc.
  • Headquarters
    Tomoharu Yanase
  • establishment
  • capital
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  • Address
    Wako building, 6F
    Shinjuku-ku Samoncho 2-6, Tokyo
    160-0017 JAPAN
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  • Services offered
    Real estate consulting
    Real estate lending and brokerage
    Real estate sales and intermediary services
    Management of apartment complexes
    Urban development planning research
    Urban developing planning and construction management
  • Banker
    Mizuho Bank
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Wako building, 6F
Shinjuku-ku Samoncho 2-6, Tokyo

1 minutes on foot from the Yotsuya-Sanchome station



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Privacy Policy

1. Declaration of protection of personal data

In our aim to provide our members with safe, reliable service, Ys Corporation, Inc. (hereby referred to as "our company") has set regulations regarding the use of any information relating to individual members (hereby referred to as "personal data") and is dedicated to maintaining proper protection of personal data.

2. Policies for protection of personal data

(1) Our company follows the stipulations of the Act for Protection of Computer Processed Personal Data Held by Administrative Organs, the stipulations of the Telecommunications Business Law relating to privacy of correspondence, as well as all related laws.
(2) Our company follows the guidelines relating to the protection of personal data in telecommunications businesses (August 31, 2004 Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications bulletin, issue 695).
(3) Our company carries out proper management of all the personal data we handle.
(4) All individuals involved in our company's business protect all types of personal data belonging to our members and respond to their trust.
(5) In order to prevent unlawful access, loss, destruction, alteration, or leakage of information, our company takes proper and necessary measures for safe management, and strives for improvement of those measures.

3. About the handling of personal data

1.Use of Personal Data

Our company uses our members' names, addresses, telephone numbers, and other personal data for the following purposes. We use personal data to provide our company's services; to confirm the identity of our members; to collect fees; to respond to inquiries; to inform members about changes, suspension, or discontinuation of our company's services; to provide announcements about other services we offer, various events, and campaigns we carry out.

2.Disclosure of Personal Data

When our company receives a request from a member to disclose his or her personal data, we will respond to this request after confirming the identity of the member. We will also respond immediately to any requests by members to change their personal data.

3.Use and Provision of Personal Data

We will acquire the personal data necessary to provide our services and will use and disclose the data only within the sphere of our acquisition objective.

4.Disclosure to Third Parties

Along with using personal data we have collected only within the sphere of our acquisition objective, we will manage it properly, and will never disclose an individual's personal data to a third party without the knowledge and consent of said individual. However, this does not apply in certain cases. Our company will disclose personal data to third parties in the following cases:

- In the case that we are compelled to do so based on the stipulations of Article 218 (seizure, search, or inspection with a warrant) or any related articles of the Criminal Procedure Code.

- In the case that the necessary conditions for a disclosure request are met based on Article 4 (requests for disclosure of identification information of the senders) of the Act on the Limitation of Liability for Damages of Specified Telecommunications Service Providers and the Right to Demand Disclosure of Identification Information of the Senders.

- In the case that our company deems it necessary for the protection of life or assets.

4.Inquiries Regarding Personal Data

Please use the following contact information for any inquiries regarding our company's handling of personal data.

Ys Corporation, Inc. Personal Data Liaison
Wako building , 6F
Shinjuku-ku Samoncho 2-6, Tokyo
Telephone: +81-03-5361-8701